The beginning

18th October 1992 –
I went to church this morning with my Mum, it was a different church this morning as it was a joint service between the 2 Methodist churches in Tauranga – but for some reason it was all quiet – no music was playing – the organist was there well before everyone else playing as we came in. I was not really interested though; I was only a middle of the road teenager. 9.30am and the service started, and the vicar (Neil Keesing) processed in as normal, well not normal there was still no music.
Suddenly Neil said do we have any musicians in the congregation our organist has not turned up. So, me being me I went up and said I could play one finger as I had had brass band experience of 6 years. I knew the notes, later on we all got invited to a BBQ and I noticed a Yamaha AR100 (ring any bells) 😉 sitting in the corner, so naturally I wanted to practice to get ready for next Sunday, did I start at grade one and work on basic musical fundamentals, no I went straight to “Nuns Chorus” and started working out chords. The following week – on the Sunday we later found out the organist had passed away and I was the new director of music for St Stephens Otumoetai, Tauranga, New Zealand, so everyone was expecting that one finger moment again but I started with full chords to a lot of hymns and familiar pieces, including matching the right pedal to the route note of the chord. ‘A true Sister Act moment.’ Over the years I have developed myself into being an eclectic musician – with my autism this is a struggle but as the hymn says: We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome some day, deep in my heart, I do believe that we shall overcome some day!

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